Help! Astronomical web traffic anomaly!

Jeffrey Byrge
Is it a Cobalt website? This was addressed in an earlier forum topic. Hope that helps.
kelly hazlehurst
The best guy is Dave Apps - he isn't expensive and he is so honest! I use to fight tooth and nail with website company's but he is the best. He has been doing this a long time and can sniff how problems very quickly.
Dave Apps
Possible problem 1 It could be a hack attempt, most hack attempts on non ecommerce sites are to relay spam. One way to see if this is the problem is to check "Page Views" in your analytics. If it is a email form they are trying to exploit it’s for spam. I'm assuming you purchase your site from a third party and are not running your own system. If this is the case and it is a hack attempt make sure all your passwords are updated (8 characters or more and include numeric and special characters). Notify your provider blocking the hacker is something they will need to do. If there was a lot of traffic there is a good chance they got in. Have you received any bounced emails you didn't send? If so they did get in and are sending spam from your account. If they got in you are most likely on an email blacklist by now. You or your provider will need to check on this a few times a day over the new few days. Best place to check is if you are on a blacklist you need to get removed ASAP. Don’t bother sending email from any of the email accounts that use that server 90% of them are being deep sixxed until you get it removed.
Dave Apps
Possible problem 2 Are you buying any SEM products like PPC or banners. All traffic providers (including Google) buy referral traffic from third parties. Sometimes these third parties like to build up their commission by turning spiders on to simulate traffic. Most of the simulators have been done away with the crooks where kicked out (or they are to advanced for us to detect). But you never know if a newbie came on board and put up a bad spider causing the traffic. Just make sure you aren't paying for simulated traffic.If you are again notify the SEM provider about the problem. Keep a record of the bounce rates.
Casey Copeland
What traffic sources are seeing the increase?
Big Tom LaPointe
Ditto casey - i'm pretty sure you can use google analytics to validate / verify other reports.

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