Help! Google has gone crazy!

Lauren Moses
Situation: Our dealership has been receiving phone calls for the past two weeks or so for people looking for "Honest John's Used Cars". Honest John's is a used car lot in our town. Well turns out that when you google Honest John's my dealership's (CBG) comes up. So people just call our number asking for Honest Johns. Ideas on how to get this fixed?
Lauren Moses
And Can I just clarify that when you actually click on the CBG link on the google results page it does actually take you to our website. I just can't figure out how and WHY our name comes up when you google Honest John's.
Cody Jerry
Well, if you do a site: search of their website,, they have one page indexed, and all the content is basically in fake Latin. So, Google has nothing to rank them on, and has no way of telling that the site is relevant. The only thing you could do is tell them to not suck so bad, and help them get their Local SEO up to date.
Skutch Henks
Jerry is right. No quick fix on your end. But on your CBG plus profile listing that comes up, click the link to report the problem to google, that could take 2-3 weeks. Maybe still not get updated. I'd call Honest John and tell them what's happening. Maybe suggest they get a google plus profile with a phone number, so they show up when people are searching. That will only take a few days to verify and become active.
Dennis Wagner
^^^ What Cody said! I have seen that happen before, but it is kinda rare. We are witnessing history, Lauren!
Dustin Lyons
Ummm.... I would ask them what kind of used car they are looking for and let them know you have a great selection.... Just a thought.

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