Holiday Call Volume

Tori Zinger

When it comes to holiday call volume, the increase in numbers in the last 2 years alone is astounding: Just check out this infographic.

How are you ensuring your dealership is prepared for this holiday season's influx of inbound calls? 

Al Amersdorfer

Thanks Tori Zinger for sharing this great infographic with us. I am agree with you that every dealership should be ready to handle holiday call volume if they really want to increase their sales & in this their BDC Experts should help them, they should trained sales persons to tackle this situation in positive way to get maximum benefit from this. They can use automotive Dealership Internet Sales Training method or Automobile dealership BDC phone scripts

Chris K Leslie

I think this is where BDC’s become vital. I’ve also heard of people adding outside BDC companies to roll over calls that aren’t answered in a certain amount of time. 

Mark Rask

Wow this is interesting ,,,,,it would be interesting to check past stats for dealers 

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