Honestly, how concerned should I be?

Tony Wood
Over the past few months I've been doing extensive research on BDCs. I've researched everything from operation styles to development techniques, etc. One of the things I'm seeing in every facet of research is this statement, "If you do not have the full support needed, you will fail." Is this really true? The reason I ask is that while my GM, Service Manager, and Service Advisors are on board 100% my Sales Managers and Sales Professionals are kind of indifferent. That's not even my major concern though. The owners in the auto group I work for aren't sold on the idea of a BDC. We've essentially made ourselves the guinea pig store, but we have no support from corporate right now. I was supposed to have my PCs for my BDC Specialists by Sept. 1st. It is Nov. 29th, and I still have no PCs. We were supposed to have the BDC fully operational and running smoothly by Oct. 1st. Not only do we not have the PCs, but we had a freeze on hiring the other two specialists I wanted to on board, and a supply order I put in (I'm talking basics like pens, post-it notes, mesh stackable trays, etc.) hasn't been fulfilled. I'm an optimist and I've been successful in every professional role I've stepped into. However, this is the first role I've stepped into with not just a complete lack of support, but even opposition. I'm no quitter and I've never considered failure to be an option. I am the sole income provider for a family of 8 though, so I do need to step back and let reality hit as well. I will do everything in my power to make this a success, but I'm truly interested in knowing, what would you do in my shoes? I'm expected to do metrics tracking and have created excel spreadsheets specifically for that (If any of you are interested in them, let me know), but I don't have access to budgeting information, cost, profit, etc. I had to fight tooth and nail to get admin rights to our FB page. That is the reason I posted the "BDC Help" topic and I sincerely appreciate the responses and info I was given (some through private messaging). I would just like some reassurance that success is possible in these circumstances. I'm willing to fight for it one mm at a time.
Randy Smith
If it were me I would have to say, "...please provide me with the tools needed to do the best job possible!" List the MUST HAVE tools you need. Hindsight is 20/20 but did you let them know this in writing before you started? Probably not, but since you have a lot of people to support use the soft and gentle approach. Good luck. I have been in your position many times!
Tony Wood
Yes Randy. I gave them the supply order, required tools/software, etc. to complete the task. I gave them staffing and performance projections (Based off of having these tools) and much more. I'm not sure where the disconnect came in.
Randy Smith
Then I would be very concerned. You have great obligations. Over the years when I got into similar situations I would make sure and keep a daily work diary to document all. Wish you the very best.
Tony Wood
That's a good idea Randy, I appreciate the suggestion!
Chris Pyle
Wow, that's really tough. Are you having weekly or monthly performance reviews or at least regular conversations with the GM regarding how he feels about your performance? Nothings more painful than wondering what sort of mood the people in the Ivory Tower are in when your future hangs in the balance... If you don't already have them, get some clear performance metrics and standards to hang your hat on. Response times, closing percentages, average # of contacts per lead, % of total sales, Appt set/show, whatever they feel is most important. Set agreed upon targets, then just crush it. As far as salespeople and desk managers being indifferent, put yourself in their shoes. You were hired to disrupt their "average" "normal" "uninspired" existence because the same "powers that be" didn't think they could handle the changing times... Gee thanks...The good news is, once they start to see a positive impact in their paychecks and realize you're only there to help them sell more cars, they'll come around too. All I know for sure is this. If you're 100% committed at being the very best, I mean a true professional, good at helping others reach their full potential, bring some serious drive to the table and inspire confidence in those around you, even if they sh*t can the BDC idea, they'll make a new home for you somewhere. The business needs people like this and will always make room for them. Don't give up!

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