Hours of Operation

Tony Wood
I'm just curious. We're trying to dial in our operation so we're getting the most efficiency for time spent working. What are your BDC days/hours of operation? Do you track which days you have more success with engaging customers? If so, would you mind sharing your results?
Megan Barto
Our BDC is open the same hours the showroom is. Friday evenings are busy with the phones (people getting home from work & calling about cars they want to go look at on Saturday). Monday morning is always full of fresh leads (we're closed on Sundays). And Saturday mornings are a *great time* to make outbound calls & get a hold of people, for everyone is home. Which CRM do you have? I know in our CRM (VinSolutions) - there's a report that shows you which day most of your internet leads come in & what time of the day. It really helps when looking to staff a BDC during the high-volume times! Hope this helps! :-)
Robert Karbaum
Start looking at when leads are sent in, and go from there. You may find (depending on your size) that you need someone when the dealership is "closed".
Craig Waikem
Robert, have you had any success or has anyone had any success with extended BDC hours? For example, our sales hours are 9-8 M-Thur Fri Sat 9-6 Sun closed. Curious to know if anyone has had success keeping the BDC open later, and open on Sundays. We have experimented with a few Sundays throughout the year and had little to no appts set from it. Would like to do it more, but would like to hear if other dealers had a positive experience.
Michael Bilson
I am able to see the 2-way conversations that occur with our Conversica BDC agent and customers. As Robert suggested...look at when the leads are sent in and go from there. The trend I have seen is that about 25%-30% of your leads are attempting to obtain additional information or become engaged with your dealership during non traditional retail hours. The ability to do something other than send out a templated auto reply is key to capturing that potential customer.
Robert Karbaum
I have myself spent many a Sunday morning responding to customers. Now, since dealers in (most of) Canada are not open Sundays, customers are thoroughly surprised and actually convert at a much higher percentage because of the added attention. So technically I have experimented, but not with a full staff on board.

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