How are you implementing video into your merchandising workflow?

Jake Smith

I'm aware of the importance of adding a video walkaround of a vehicle to VDPs on Autotrader,, our dealer website, etc. What is your workflow for recording an exterior and interior video and uploading it? It's very time consuming, and going to each vendor and manually uploading the videos is nearly impossible for my one man show time constraints. Sadly, Vauto doesn't support video. How are you recording, editing, and uploading? 

Thanks for suggestions in advance! 

Derrick Woolfson

Jake, I feel your pain!! If only there were 72 hours in a day, lol. One thing we have done is take the video and load it into our CRM library for each model. This way, the sales team can *easily* add an intro to the unit before sending. In addition to having it on the website; although, it is an issue because we have not done a video for each trim-level. And this does not account for pre-owned units, which to be honest - if we get a video request, it is for a pre-owned vehicle. That said, sadly many vendors only offer a "stitch-feed" video which is simply the vehicle photos sliding through, as it "offers" what features the unit has....there needs to be an easier way to do this! 

Bart Wilson

I'm not a big fan of stitched video. Anyone have a solution?

Mark Rask

we don't use it nearly enough 

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