How do you compensate your BDC/Internet management?

Tim Schaiberger
I am the first person to ever be an internet sales manager at my dealership. This position has never existed. What type of payment plans would be applicable? I am looking to start 2016 with a comprehensive salary negotiating point and I want to be in the ball park. Any advice would be appreciated.
Michael Crain
I may have miss something are you selling cars or are you managing emails and setting appointments. If your selling car then you should be paid like any sales person on the floor. if your managing emails (setting appoints ) then you should get paid for the appointment that shows and if that appointment sells.
Tim Schaiberger
Ok. I just was trying to see across the market and that is what I am doing now. So that gives me an idea thanks!
mark rask
we pay a salary and a bonus based on overall performance of the store
Joseph Palatucci
agree with Michael, do the same. we also have a flat bonus for show's the first 10 days of the month, its slower then we try to boost activity in the showroom.
Chris K Leslie

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