How do you connect with Internet leads?

Emily Salamone
Bad phone number on your internet lead will immediately put a bad taste in your mouth.... What are some effective ways you have seen your sales team make a connection after several email attempts and no email reply?
Brandon McNett
Great topic, interested in the feedback.
Ricky Patrick
Two things; 1 - We have a video introduction that goes out to every lead on Day 2. It's a short introduction by their specific BDC rep via YouTube. We generally get some type of response to that, even it's just "my bad, leave me alone". 2 - Break through the noise with a unique email. We have a "Hippo Email" that we invoke on leads that are unresponsive and 60% of the time it works every time. Basically it's a photo of a guy being chased by a hippo and the email is our light-hearted attempt to figure out why the customer hasn't responded. We list reasons like "I've already purchased", "I'm concerned that I can't get approved", and ending with "I'm being chased by a hippo and need someone to call Animal Control." Message me if you'd like and I'll email you those two emails for reference.
Susan Eway
We have an email that goes out from our GM/Owner on Day 4 and that get a lot of response from customers. I think the customers like that he is reaching out to them personally to ask for their business. Not only do customers respond but they respond with good information on what they need to be sold.
Michael Bilson
The most common reason you do not receive an email reply back is that YOUR email did not get into the customer inbox....
Brandon McNett
Michael. ...what can we as dealerships do to improve the odds of our emails getting through / read?

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