How Do You Handle A Car With a Bad CarFax?

Derrick Woolfson

There are times - albeit rarely - that we get a car with a bad Carfax. How do you handle the questions from the customer? There is limited information on the CarFax. We have some customers ask us to call the dealer it was repaired at and/or the service center. I am curious to see how you guys approach this situation. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 


Sam Salem

Literally only one way to address any blemish that consists on a vehicle history report. That method being transparency.  The more forthcoming you are, the less hesitant they become.  For customers scanning the web (individuals you may not get a chance to speak with) utilize a company called TrueFrame Reports.

Bart Wilson

Totally agree Sam.  If you're not transparent you look like you are hiding it.  

Derrick Woolfson

@Sam, agreed - and that is what we have done, we also assure the customer that it has passed the state inspection, and we do provide a 30-day warranty on certain items from the time of purchase. Most of the time the customer is completely understanding, it usually becomes a problem when there has been an accident reported, and other than it stating there is an accident, we are not sure of what all was replaced. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, CarFax also allows the customer to sort by "report" type, so the customer can automatically avoid vehicles that have otherwise been in an accident. 

Martins Ville

Mr Customer we totally agree with your concerns, that's why we offer the Carfax buyback Guarantee and openly welcome you to take the car to any Body Shop of your choosing and have them help determine if the vehicle was repaired to LIKE NEW condition or not.

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