How does the Internet/BDC impact sales today and 5 years from now?

Kelly Spires
With all of the discussions around the internet / bdc pros and cons. For the dealerships that have the internet / bdc up a running efficiently, how many vehicles are they selling as a % basis of the store? What will that number be in 5 years??
John Sevier
I can only speak from my experiences without guessing at numbers. I will tell you that an efficient BDC / Internet department should easily account for 35-45% of the business if they aren't taking incoming sales calls and just handling leads. If they are taking new sales calls for the dealership and leads I would figure it would much higher than that. I think in 5 years it will increase slightly but nothing dramatic. As an Internet Director I hope I'm wrong with that statement though and it's increases like crazy haha.
Kelly Spires
Thanks John. Would you expand on how your department is structured and duties? As you know the structure and duties vary from company to company. I am looking for the "BEST" structure that sells cars.
Lauren Moses
John I have to agree. I can't speak from experience. I've only been doing this since March (literally my first dealership ever!), but I am the only one to handle the internet leads, and do a few phone calls, the ones that quick draw mcgraws don't get to. For us, we have more foot traffic than we do internet, nothing against our numbers, it's just our type of territory. I would love to see more of the internet and phone calls though. I hope John is right and that it does continue to increase, and ALOT! But you also have to look at the number of leads and phone calls coming in compared to your closing ratio for those numbers. Just something to consider.
John Sevier
Kelly, I'm going to oversimplify this, but here you go... In our department I have 3 Internet Managers that are responsible for handling the leads, setting appointments, and calling our service customers to see if they would like to trade in their vehicles for a new car. I would love to have the sales calls that our dealership receives to come back to our department but right now they are going to our sales staff.
Kelly Spires
John, So you are saying that your department is controlling 35-45% of the dealership sales without taking an inbound sales call! That is fantastic in my opinion!!! Thanks and great job!

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