How far should you stretch the truth, if at all?

How far should a BDC Rep be allowed to stretch the truth to get someone in the dealership? 

Angela McCully

I guess I don't understand what you would hope to get out of "stretching the truth" with a customer. At our dealership, we try to be as transparent as possible at all levels of our dealership. Stretching the truth, as a customer sees it, is lying, and if you are caught in said lie, they will never be back to buy, lease, or do service with you. At least, that is my experience. I'd love to hear your take on it, though.

Personally I would never stretch the truth to get someone to come in, I don't work in a BDC, but I have heard BDC reps talk about their methods (other dealerships than mine of course!) and as a salesperson it makes me furious. I know BDC reps get paid on appointments that show, but when a customer walks in the dealership for example to see used trucks believing we have exactly what they want at the price they want and we don't even have one, that's not good for anyone! 

Just curious what BDC managers/reps industry wide feel about this! 

Angela McCully

I'm very anti-lying-to-customers. Glad to see we are on the same page.

mark rask

We do not stretch the truth. However we (as everyone) have been known to make mistakes

John Copeland

I don't think there is ever a situation where stretching the truth does anything but put a bad taste in the customers mouth. The days of old school car tactics are out the window. With Google Reviews and Yelp reviews being so prevalent in the car industry, why would you want to risk upsetting a customer who can slam you on a public forum for all of your future prospects to see? I have found that dealing with 100% honesty and transparency is the only way to go... Whether it blows the deal or not. We live off of Google Reviews and that is where a majority of our business comes from. 

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