How is TrueCar upfront Price determined?

Jorge Maass
I'm curious speaking from a customer perspective and interested to hear from Dealers who use TrueCar. How does TrueCar determine the upfront price from any individual dealer? Do the dealers provide any kind of parameters to TrueCar to calculate the upfront price that is shown on the TrueCar app or website?
Chris K Leslie
There is a back end tool that allows a dealer to price their vehicles along with discounts for True Car. Similar to everyone's dashboard.
Megan Barto
Chris nailed it. The price you set is +/- invoice NOT INCLUDING any "Customer or Manufacturer-to-Dealer Incentives, Regional Advertising Fees, or Destination Fees in your prices"
Joshua Michael Friedman
Chris' reference to discounts I think is the manufacturer rebates. Megan's quote is from the back-end tool instructions to dealers regarding their input of price differentials. Here is the entire instruction: "Note: Do NOT include any Customer or Manufacturer-to-Dealer Incentives, Regional Advertising Fees, or Destination Fees in your prices. TrueCar will automatically factor these into your price." The result is a close approximation of what we refer to as "invoice," and the savings usually shown to consumers is accurate in regard to the current manufacturer incentives, but displays as a savings below MSRP. Bottom line, it's based on accurate insider info. Because data.
Jorge Maass
Thanks for the replies. So dealers are setting a price taking into consideration the "Average Price Paid" that TrueCar will list for that vehicle, and also considering what other dealers may set their price at. Joshua, besides that note are there any other instructions that TrueCar gives to dealers on how to price their vehicles?
mark rask
yes.....dealers set the price

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