How many daily appointments are acceptable?

Amber Higgs
Our dealership averages 130 sales a month, I have 3 BDC agents and I ask for 5 appointments a day. We have 23 lead sources which generated over 500 leads for us last month. Not including cold list. We also go for 12 sold appointments a month for each BDC agent ( their appointments turning into sold ) Another interesting factor is our sales people also take internet leads - They have assistants as well who also take internet leads: Looking for other acceptable Ideas here
Richard West
Amber there are a ton of variables here. I'm curious how it is determined what leads your BDC gets and what goes to the floor. That seems like a lot of leads for 130 sales, so I am curious about your mix. Assuming you have a good amount of third party in there which doesn't close as well. Does your BDC take Phone calls, and is this included? I think a better matrix for you would be leads to appointments being close to 40%, appointments set to show should be in the area of 50%, then your show to sold should be around 50%. If you aren't hitting these types of numbers their could be a ton of reasons why. lead quality and process should be evaluated IMHO.
Amber Higgs
Yes I was reviewing the benchmark today and our numbers are not where they need to be, they are close, There is no cut off of what the floor gets and no division with BDC. We do have a good amount of 3rd party. I am in the process of evaluating lead quality and we have cut back a lot. please inbox me further advice - I need all I can get.
Amber, There is no direct answer to your question, even if there weren't unknown variables, which there clearly are. If your reps are averaging 4-6 set appts/day and 2-3 show and 1-1.5 sold/day then you're good...but everyone has their own matrix, formula. Mine is based off 1-1.5 outs a day attributed to each bd shift. Is there a reason the floor is handling your internet leads? My personal suggestion is a streamlined process and this is only achievable if only one department is responsible for generating appointments. Possible to advocate that these leads be sent to the BD center? They will be better handled, more streamlined process and more importantly, as a result: more shows and solds, the sales floor may not like it but if your confident in your process and have the man/woman power, this is FAR better for the business and yields much better roi on advertising dollars.
Michael Smith
Amber with out knowing all the variables my rule of thumb is a 40% appointment ratio to leads received. This should be higher if you have more organic leads and a bit lower if it is lower closing and contactable leads ala auto bytel.
Leslie Roscoe
I try to have 5 appointments before lunch everyday. Or, I do not take my lunch. This is Just my own set of rules for myself. To keep me in check. Iam new to this company. However, I have been in the Car Business for almost 10 years now. I personally set- 115 for the month of December and 123 Total. I had 75 shows and 36 solds. That is my first month here.

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