How many pictures is too many?

Mike Sadlock
I often get the question "How many pictures should I have of each car?". A new study actually finds that there is a sweet spot for the number of photos of used cars. According to the report, used vehicles posted for sale with nine (9) images generated: • 50 percent more leads than those without any images. • 56 percent more leads than those with 20 images .• 71 percent more than those with 30 images. Read more here: How many photos does your store use?
Evan Brown
We use between 20-30.. I guess the goal is 30 now though! Great topic!
Mike Sadlock
@Evan, actually the report shows that 9 is the magic number and those vehicles with more images get fewer leads. The thought behind it is that the consumer gets photo fatigued looking through so many pictures.
Evan Brown
I guess I should have opened up the link Mike - sorry about that I misunderstood. Wow that's an interesting study, I thought that it would have been the opposite. The idea behind more photo's at my store has been to be completely transparent with the customer. Have as much information/ pictures as possible. Will this effect your picture run? Should we be doing 9?
Mike Sadlock
I am not sure this will be something I recommend yet, but it would be worth A/B testing to see if there was a difference. I too have always leaned on the side of more is better, so I thought I would throw it to the group to see what everyone thought.
Ron Henson
I've been wondering about this for awhile now. Great topic! Mike, I love the advice you give of A/B testing before jumping in with both feet. Sage wisdom there my friend.

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