How Many Surveys/Review Requests Do We Need?

Derrick Woolfson

I took a minute and realized that with our OEM & instore we have the following: thank you email, phone call day 1, OEM pre-survey survey, OEM Survey, Review Request - 5+ requests to write a review and survey us. To be honest, after the first review it becomes a bit overkill. How many surveys do you request? Do you find that the more you request the less you get? 


I'm glad you brought this up, Derrick. From the dealership side, I understand why they feel compelled to do this. From the customer side, this kind of email bombardment is exactly why I would unsubscribe from a dealership's contact list. It also gets confusing. When my dad purchased his car from the dealership I worked at, I remember him calling me because he received the OEM survey after filling out the pre-survey and was wondering why he had to do it again. By the time he got the email to review us online, he pretty much threw up his hands in exasperation lol.

My dad's experience—along with several others—was what led me to remove some steps in the e-process and integrate them into the sales process. For used cars, you still got the request to review online since there was no OEM survey. For new cars, however, salespeople would personally request the online review while handing out a business card with our review link. This eliminated the extra review email, and we received more feedback when doing it this way.

As for the phone call and email, a salesperson would only send a thank you email if they were unable to reach the customer by phone to thank them.

Amanda Gordon

Being an Independent we don't have to deal with the dreaded OEM survey side but we still must deal with reviews that directly affect our reputation. Between Google, Dealer Rater,,  Car Gurus and our direct site it can be difficult to distinguish which one carries the most weight so we ask that all be reviewed. We do this while they wait to go into the Finance Department to best take advantage of the time gap. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Sunny, I am waiting for there to be a commercial for CarMax where a customer says "tired of being bugged for so many reviews? Spend more time being asked about reviewing them, checking-in, and filling out a 35-page survey?  Then come to CarMax" it is absurd. I agree, keep it simple, and streamline the process. I like the removing email if we have spoken with them.

@Amanda, I think focusing on all of them is great. And Google just announced recently that they are adding reviews to YouTube, which is important as customers will see your customer service from multiple platforms. We love DealerRater (especially since bought them) because they have brand awareness and value. I also love the fact that customers can send a direct message from our website on the team page (which is one of the most *viewed* webpages btw) using the dealer rater connection app! 

OEM survey = DUMB

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott - did you know btw for our OEM that the pre-survey NRM does not get sent unless the RDR is done within 8 business days? We do not hold RDR's. But (to be honest) we have gotten like maybe 2 NRM surveys in the last year. Do you get any? It seems that we only get them for Service. And yes, that 35-page survey was BONKERS! I nearly fell asleep filling one out, and just got click happy at the end as I could not take clicking another circle asking the same question for the 9th time. 

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