How many times should you call an internet lead on day one?

Kaylee Pendergrass

What's your opinion?  

Derrick Woolfson

It varies, but the last dealership group I worked for expected us to call the customer as much as three plus times a day. That, of course, did not go over very well. There is no secret number as to how many calls to make day one, but it does take an average of twelve or so touches to secure the appointment with an average of four days to make a sale. I also found that texting works extremely well, and the customer would often than text back what a good time to call is, etc. 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Twice + 1 text gets the most Contact %. 

Curt Campeau

Two phone calls (one in morning, one toward end of day or evening). At least 1 Text and 1 Email. That will cover all points of contact, making it more comfortable for customer to respond as they prefer. 

Chris K Leslie

In the case the customer doesn't answer the call but opens the email. Do you send a second email at that time? 

Curt Campeau

That is a great question Chris. I have trained staff to actually call again when you are notified of the email being opened, clicked and etc.. Chances are the customer is checking his/her email on their phone which is an ideal time to call and/or text. 

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