How to be a 6 person team in 1.

J Reeder

Hi Guys! I'm with a fantastic dealership in the Golden Isles, GA & my job keeps me running. (Seriously! I think I've lost a few pounds!!) I'm a mash up of titles: BDC, Customer Relations, Special Order, & Service. I set appointments through roughly four different systems, I keep about 12 windows up to keep on top of all my funnelled tasks & appointment upkeep that range from ELeads to VSP Logon. And of course, with all this, I stay a busy bumbling bee. I make roughly 120 phone calls a day, handle recalls, make sure the parts are ordered, and shuttle services are ready when necessary. I set around 80 appointments last month through my BDC calls, another 80 through service & I've managed to keep our three building dealership above a 91% KPI. 

I'm asking for advice on how I can do better at my job and keep myself from overlooking important things or dropping the ball. I've been at this for about three months and I feel like I've found a good pace, but we had a BDC assesment request for BDC Service and it through me for a loop because... I've never been trained as a BDC manager and I'm not really sure where to find any of the reports needed for that. I know where the main reports I keep an eye on are, but it really made me realize that I could go for some advice. So please help! :) Also, what should I do to maintain a good log for my BDC assessments? I DON'T have a BDC Manager, I'm the only agent in the dealership, so I want to stay at the top of my game and keep my team thriving.


You guys are the bee's knees. THANKS! 

mark rask

Which assessment are you speaking of? The sfe one for gm?

J Reeder

General Motors audits us every quarter on our leads from Sales BDC & Service BDC. 

Brad Wise

When can you start?? lol

Seriously though its the General Managers  job to show you where to go in GM program info to obtain the SFE BDC assesment criteria - There you will find all the elements that you will be need to pass to be qualified for any dealer bonus program . 

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