How would you respond to a bad review online?

Vincent R
A while back I had a customer call in and ask for some pricing on one of our Nissan Altimas. When I gave her the price, she said it was too high. So I suggested some other ones that may be within her budget or if she wanted to pay cash or finance etc. For some reason she was giving me some resistance and did not want to answer any of my questions, but she mentioned that she had walked away from other car deals before. When I tried to probe and ask why she hadn't bought anything, she didn't want to answer and said, "oh various reasons, but thank you!" So I hung up. Then she put a review online saying that when she called about a car, I told her about other ones that she was not interested in and that I rudely hung up on her. How would you respond? Or how would you respond to any online complaint or negative review?
Lauren Moses
First things first, It needs to at this point be the sales manager or general manager to respond. It should be done with an apology for any misunderstanding and that if should would please contact them via.....(whichever means is best for who is writing the response) and that your dealership would like to make things right. Sometimes there is no pleasing certain people. Obviously if she said she walked away from other car deals then it's not all your fault. From what you have said, you did everything right. Gave her the price, offered comparables at a lesser price, asked questions to gauge what she was wanting.
Matt Watson
From my experience, half of your bad reviews are simply going to be an individual venting. Whether the mistake is on our end or not, I respond the same. In my opinion, you have already lost that customer and possibly their closest friends and family so don't think about rescuing that situation. Instead, I think about those who will be reading that review, they are the reason reviews exist are they not? If it's not something you can simply apologize for, apologize for making someone feel the way they do. If you get a "lying, stealing, etc", be honest and mention that you actively train your salespeople in ethics (if you don't, you should)! Never defend yourself against their claims, or say anything to create further conflict. Just talk about your business, quote your mission statement, mention your commitment to your customers, offer an outlet to contact you (As Lauren pointed out), and leave it at that. The very fact you left a response will speak volumes to those reading reviews, and I can relate that to my own personal shopping habits!
Lauren Moses
Matt, Very well said. If you leave no response then customers see that. My first though at seeing a bad review with no response is "oh they know they are guilty and don't want to respond" and it puts a bad taste for the business in the customers mouth. There should always be a response.
mark rask
Have a manager respond promptly and be courteous......explain to them that you use the feedback that they give to improve upon things

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