I am curious to know how do you currently track your reconditioning process

Dealer Support
What software/excel file do you use to do so What do you like about it What do you not like about it What could it do better
Robert Karbaum
I've never thought about this question before. I am not sure how we do it actually. I think I shall go investigate.
Dealer Support
What did you find?
Tyler Larson
Are you questioning about cost tracking or days to lot tracking?
Dealer Support
Primarily days to lot tracking But cost tracking would also be helpful
Tyler Larson
From the Stocking in date to the sold date, I am wondering if there is any application that is reporting the entire performance of the dealership. I independently track everything myself with a 30 cars per month going thru reconditioning. I track the moment we purchase or trade. How soon that car should move in the market. How far should the customer travel to purchase, and sold date vs should sell by date. I track when the vehicle receives its correct features and commentary to actually having a complete vdp displaying on the internet. To be frank, I bet dealers wrongfully judge and wrongfully reprice inventory simply because the dealer doesn't know how long the correct information with the correct pictures has been actually visible online. Example, It's fair to say the vehicle has been in inventory 45 days and needs to move. However, its also fair to know that the vehicle's vdp was complete until day 14. If this dealership has a 45 day turn policy, they should wait out 14 more days.

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