I Need Some Advice.

Matt Lowery
In my 20 Group we find that Craigslist really varies by area. Where I am, we get almost nothing but scams and cons from Craigslist, and no longer use it at all. However several stores in my 20 group have great success with it... so it really varies. For a great CRM, we use Vinsolutions and are very happy with it. It tracks pretty much everything. We have used several others, and demoed all the big ones out there, Vinsolutions is the best I have seen.
Cody Jerry
There's lots of great CRM's out there these days. It's really important to demo a few to see what features would fit your goals. Just off the top of my head I'd suggest demoing: Vinsolutions IMagicLab DealerSocket DealerPeak I'm sure there's more worth looking into. These are just the ones that I work with fairly often.
Matt Lero
We initially used Vinsolutions and now have switched to Car-Research. If I had to vote between the two I'd say Vinsolutions is more efficient from a sales usage stand point.
Jay Lynch
Hi Nic, 1. To an earlier post, yes, Craig's List varies widley. In Florida I primarily see dealers focusing on cash cars with CL. I would also tell you to be careful with CL as they have been cracking down on car dealers. 2. There are a number of good CRMs in the market; however, a few are built off of newer enterprise technology. The industry as a whole is going mobile. I would recommend that you seek out and consider CRMs who have mobile platforms.

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