Idea for collecting customer revewis and testimonials

John  Toll

I have a software idea that I’m thinking of building to help with collecting testimonials and reviews. Personally, I want to use it for my own business. But I also want to see if anybody is interested in using it.

This software will make it easy for anybody to collect customer reviews and it will also provide a way to identify unhappy customers before they go to the internet to damage your reputation. 

Here’s it may work:

After a customer does business with you, they will begin to receive triggered follow-up messages to their inbox.

The email will be custom branded from you and it will ask the customer to leave a testimonial or review, simply by clicking on emotion icon (happy and sad faces - 5pt scale). 

After the customer indicates a response in the email, they will be directed to another window where they can leave more details about their review and share their review.

All of the reviews will be sent to your Business Dashboard, that will display full reviews (in print-friendly mode) and metrics about each review. You would even have the ability to respond back to someone’s review, which is great for reputation management in the event that there is a bad review.

I also have a vision for a little widget that can be plugged into your website to populate all reviews, assuming that the reviews reach a certain positive review threshold.

That’s all there is to it. I think this can be a simple little tool that requires almost no time on our part, as business owners to collect and receive reviews. The goal would be to get the workflow down to just 5-10 minutes per week to review and respond to reviews. 

I know that there are similar software on the market, but they are all too expensive, time consuming, and bloated with stupid features that we’ll never even use. I think that this can be extremely valuable in terms of automating testimonial and review collection, as well as for reputation management. 

Something like this could personally save me hours of time per week, while generating fresh new reviews for my business. Does anyone else feel the same way? If so, then I’d be happy to consider building a little tool like this (I have access to some software developers who need some work).

Derrick Woolfson

John! I love it, but this something that a lot of marketing companies already do - our OEM uses Medallia, which triggers a simple - quick - survey to the customer. Allowing us the ability to rectify an issue before s/he were to go to social media. If in fact, however, s/he did then we'd get an alert. We call it the pre-survey. DealerON allows, too, to add reviews from Google+, Yelp, & DealerRater on our VDP's. DealerRater even allows you to add the customer's photo to their review in the VDP's. Does not get much better than that! We have over 1,200 reviews for our store, and the way we pushed for social reviews was making it a part of the sales process. In addition to encouraging sales consultants to start branding themselves as a part of the group, which has pushed Facebook to be our top referring platform for website traffic. 

Chris K Leslie

Yeah, there are a lot of companies in this space already. 

mark rask

Yes there are a LOT of these 

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