If You Are Closed on Sunday - Do You Answer Leads?

Derrick Woolfson

Our dealership is closed on Sundays, BUT we are expected to answer leads. For those that are also closed do you spiff your BDC or offer something in return? I have found that unless I am offering a spiff or extra incentive to answer them on Sunday no one wants to do it. I cannot blame them, either. Everyone needs a day off. 

So what happens when no one wants to answer the lead, does that fall back to you each time?

Derrick Woolfson

It sure does, which has been every Sunday, until this past one, which having it off - I did not realize how much I miss having a solid day off! I was incredibly productive, and much more refreshed for Monday! It just burnt me out hard-core. And even if the sales reps answer them, I am still responsible for texting them making sure they answer the leads. So I might as well answer them as the push notifications do not always work. 

Yeah everyone needs a day off to recharge, at least one. 

Josephine Gentry

I know in the state of NV All New Car Dealerships are closed on Sundays by law. We cant even send out emails and call the leads cause of the negations aren't at the Dealership. Here is a link to an article I found... https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/repeal-law-that-bans-sunday-new-car-sales-no-thanks-car-dealers-say/ 

It is nice being closed on Sundays but I know when I was a Internet Representative I would do the leads cause I was competitive LOL 


Derrick Woolfson

I did not know that! That is very interesting. I agree, ha-ha - on the flip-side, though having that day off to recharge makes for a much more productive Monday. 

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