If you had to choose?

Lauren Moses
If you had to choose between upgrading your website to allow for better SEO and a more customized site or go with carfax and be able to pull unlimited carfax reports and have our vehicles listed somewhere else? Keep in mind we have a small budget so at the moment we can't do both. Any analytics available would be great.
Craig Waikem
I would look to see if you could upgrade your website. Cobalt has better platforms available, and I would consider Dealer E Process, who we are very happy with. You may also want to consider Auto Check which is much more affordable than Car Fax. Goodluck!
Lauren Moses
Thanks for the input Craig. Our website for whatever reason always seems to be behind the times. We are on the base package and so I've been looking and stalking some other websites that are on the performance package. You can definitely tell a difference. What does the Dealer E Process do?
Gary May
Lauren keep in mind that the platform is more important than anything and that includes how inventory is crawled/displayed, followed by content/SEO, how easy the back end is to use, analytics/integration and ability to grow based on flexibility/widgets, etc. Most website providers do code fine. The rest is a strong mix of objective/subjective parts. Nobody has a killer platform and no website is error/trouble free. The fact is you have to stay on top of your website(s) weekly if not daily. As for CarFax/Auto Check, etc. that's up to you. Never base your website vendor/platform choice on integration. Per my list above it's not the top two priorities. One other thing to keep in mind is going from a basic package to something more robust, you will invest more time, period. The most progressive dealers never, never, never stop looking at and measuring their websites. When we make vendor recommendations to dealers (commission free!) it's based on them, their market, competitors and objectives/goals. There's no easy way to put it, a website change is a large task with way more work than you'd ever consider (for example, no two website providers use the same page naming conventions so a list of permanent redirects must be made for the search engines). Get strong advise, consider more providers than you think you should, get feedback from dealers (including those who cancelled a vendor) and make sure your ultiamte vendor signs up for what YOU need... A few cents-worth of thoughts... Enjoy the courting! Gary May IM@CS
Jillian Marchewka
Ooh... Such a predicament. I sent you a private message to see if you'd want to chat, Lauren! :-)
Lauren Moses
Gary, I am already seeing that it's a huge undertaking. We haven't even decided if we wanted to upgrade or not yet but we are making some major changes to our website and it's been crazy so far. We wont be changing website providers since it's our GM site. And we may just do the website and then decide to add another 3rd party later if boosting our site has the desired effect. I know that I'm not on our site near as much as I should be but I have a ton of things to do every day so I do my best. Thanks for the few cents-worth. I'll put it to good use.

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