I'm going to Vegas!!

Linda Loepker
I never in a million years thought I would get this opportunity. I am beyond ecstatic - still shocked, lol. So..... what are the tips from those who have been there? Is lunch served with the conference, or are we on our own for that? Can we bring laptops to the sessions? I would love to hear whatever you can share......
Bill Simmons
Congrats!! You are absolutely going to love this conference. Yes, the conference hall has wifi so bring a laptop or tablet to take notes. Lunch is served and snacks are available after the meetings.You're on your own for dinner. Wear comfortable shoes!! It seems that everywhere you need to go in Vegas is a long walk. Robert Karbaum wrote a great blog post recently with many great tips. Heres the link:http://www.drivingsales.com/blogs/karbaum/2014/07/25/19-tips--tricks-to-prepare-dses-2014
Dustin Lyons
That is great! Congrats! I will be there also, make sure to stop by "Start Up Alley" and say hi. Bill you as well. I have enjoyed all of the conversations here on the forum and I look forward to meeting you both in person. Roberts article is a great one, and while I am not new to Vegas, this will be my first time at DSES as well.
Robert Karbaum
Thanks guys! Linda, yes meals are covered. Breakfast is available if you are early. Lunch is no problem. Dinner CAN be little snacks during the cocktail hour(s). In a pinch, it can fill you up. Sometimes dinner can be very hard to orchestrate, so definitely go for cocktail snacks. They had some amazing mac n' cheese snacks the last few years.
Megan Barto
YAY! Bring your laptop! Bring your tablet! Bring extra chargers & batteries! Scope out the sessions before hand & have a "game plan" of which ones you want to see (Monday 3:25 PM - Check out "Dealership Culture & It's Effects On Long-Term Sustained Profitability" - It's my session! ::: shameless self promotion :::). Make sure you network with dealers while you're there - it's really a great opportunity to meet some industry contacts from all over the country - and it's really helpful to bounce ideas off each other during the year! Also - it's also great to meet IRL (In Real Life) People you've been talking on these forums with for ages! :-) See ya next month!
Shannon Hammons
Great. Hope to see you there. Megan gave great advise. Know the sessions and what you are looking to get out of them. Reservations for dinner are a must unless you want to eat very late. Networking is important, it will give you ideas that you may not have thought about. Also, dinner at the Palm in Ceasers is a must when in vegas.

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