Improving Sales Appointment Shows

Sara Gallagher

What do you do to improve sales appointment shows? Here lately, we have been setting sale appointments, but only a few show. 

Bart Wilson

This may be over-simple, but make sure a manager confirms every appointment.  It helps affirm it's importance and gives the customer another person to ask for.

Mark Rask

Bart that works for us 

Derrick Woolfson

We have found that texting the customer a reminder also works. If the customer did not already provide us their cell phone number (especially for an inbound call); we always ask "what is the best number to text you an appointment reminder? This way we are waiting for you, and your not having to wait for us" This works most of the time, there are a few instances where customers do not care to give out their cell number and/or be texted. But just from personal experience, I love the appointment text reminders; we are all very busy, and a little reminder never hurts. 

Mark Rask

Texting is a great way as well 

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