Inbound Phone Sales (phoneup) booking conversions


We are in the process of our BDC staff handling inbound sales calls. Our automotive group does not track phone calls/booking/Showed currently - however, we will be going forward.

I need to set some intial KPI's and am interested to see what is considered a good bench mark for conversions? I have heard everything from 20% all the way to 90%.....,

I am particulary interested in the below benchmarks - any help is greatly appreciated.

Phoneup to Booking percentage

Phoneup to Showed percentage

Ricky Patrick

We usually aim for 30% appointment set on the first phone call. Then another 15% of those will be set on follow-up calls.

We always hover around 50%-60% for showed appointments, no matter the source.

Chris K Leslie

Ricky's got the right idea. 

Just make sure that you've got a way to remove transfered calls say to like parts or service or something. 

Brandon McNett

Our benchmarks are 60-65% (Minimum of 50%) of all IB Fresh Ups should be Set as an appointment (We're often between 50 and 60% at our best performing stores as we trade "set % for Show %).  We're typically at a 75% Show Rate (anything over 60% is KILLER by most standards) with 15% of Leads sold or 50% of Shows, whichever is greater!


That's how I look at it in my small corner of the world!

Brandon McNett

It's imperative that they can.  The BDC Managers are active managers, meaning that they respond to leads and cover time frames.  With this said, we have some Managers who are better than others  For Example, I had a BDR gone from the store I'm in for 6 Days and my stats were:

IB Sales Calls - 10 Fresh Ups / 7 Appointments / 6 Shows / 4 Sold

Internet Leads - 53 Fresh Leads / 23 Set Appointments / 18 Shows / 8 Sold

In full disclosure, Chevy had some pretty AWESOME incentives last month and customers were VERY motivated!

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