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Jeff White

Just curious to some phone up numbers, internet leads and floor ttraffic out there in the market. I keep hearing that phone ups are down and that internet leads are down, but floor traffic should be up. Most os this feedback is coming from one of our 3rd party lead providers and I know that they are working it to the numbers that they are producing for us. We are not seeing this trend right please.

Donna Mylott

Hi Jeff  I am technically one of those evil vendors.  I have worked for CallSource for 3.5 years.  Prior to that I have 3 decades in the retail automotive industry.  I am a proud card carrying automobile salesman and have been able to utilize my past to bring true value to my dealer-partners.  

The dealers in my portfolio have told me they are experiencing a decrease in lead form submissions.  This is validated by our click to call environment.  

It doesn't matter how the consumer engages us but it is imperative we provide them a true VIP experience from the point of initial contact.  Please do not hesitate to call me if I can answer any questions.  No sales pitch here.

Thanks!  Donna


John Sevier


Great question!  There are always going to be people that will provide you data that can be manipulated and explained to their benefit.  The best thing you can do is continue to measure your incoming sources (Internet, Phone, Walk-ins, etc.) at your dealership. Data they provide you is going to be a generalization.  What works for one dealership might not work for the next one, so keep in mind that no one knows your market and customers better than yourself.

I know you were looking for more of a concrete answer, but that's the best one I can provide you.  When I was attending NADA this year Peter Leto (Head of Auto Retail at Google Inc.) had a slide that might at least steer you in the correct direction.

I hope this helps!Shoppers are turning to digital channels to reach your Salespeople

Jeff White

Thank you both for the feedback! The reason I ask is we have a combined inventory of about 1200 cars on the lot and we are currently fielding an average of 6-7 sales calls a day. I have been doing this a long time and that seems to be a little light for the amount of inventory that we have. I know that markets are different and times have definitely changed in our business, but if form leads are down and sales calls are down then that leads me to believe that by process of elimination we should be seeing more foot traffic at the dealership.

John Sevier

You could be correct Jeff.  However I believe just because the amount of sales calls and internet leads are down doesn't mean you will get more foot traffic.  We are talking about the sources in which the customers use in order to initiate contact with us.  If you look at the graph I included above the amount of phone calls and internet leads are down, but texting and online chats have dramatically increased.  I would consider it more of a shift to those outlets than I would say it automatically means more foot traffic.

Jeff White

We have always included our text and chat leads in our internet leads. I guess I am just trying to figure out why we are trending the wrong way. I consider us a pretty progressive dealership and we are on top of it on the digital side of things, but we have lost about 15% of our sales over the last 2 years.

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