Increase Shows

Sara Gallagher

I am reviewing our numbers, and am seeking ideas to increase our set appointments! What is your process once an appointment is set? Any ideas on how to increase shows?? 

Rachel Haynes

Follow up follow up! I cannot stress enough how important it is to remind customers of their appointments and confirm they are arriving. I always send a confirmation email the day before as a reminder. 

John H

Figure out how to serve your most seen demographic!

We were sending leads to a Dealer group in downtown Chicagoland. It's a very urban area, and many people who qualify for cars don't have means of transporting themselves to and from the dealership. This turned out to be a common problem..

Knowing this, this dealer partnered with a local shuttling company, which picked people up to bring them to the dealer. Not only did this increase shows, but it sold more cars!

Chris K Leslie

All you can do is use all the tools at hand. Phone call reminders, text reminders and email reminders. 

Mark Rask

follow up and confirmations 

Bart Wilson

I'm a fan of a manager confirmation call.  Plus it gives the customer another person to talk to when they get to the dealership.

I think its also important to understand that people are busy.  A missed appointment doesn't necessarily show lack of interest.

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