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Renee Staffieri
Our Coordinators set the appointment and call to confirm the appointment themselves the evening before or morning of the appointment to remind them who they will be asking for. Do you salespeople actually call, or just say they are calling? Do you have an email template that is set to fire automatically the day before the appointment....and does your CRM have the texting feature? We find that texting is an excellent way to communicate especially when you are confirming the appointment. They either opt out of text, or you get a reply very quickly.
Casey Copeland
Kelly, We have luck with having desk managers do the confirmations on a similar time table to what Renee's group is doing. The customer appreciates the call form the manager, it gets the managers involved with each appointment, and it is also nice that if the manager has to do a TO, it's not the first introduction to the customer since hopefully they spoke on the phone. I will tell you though that if your running a true 63% thats a pretty good job (i would consider what Renee is saying about any spoofing if you don't have any measures in place to catch it). I believe that after you get to that point increasing the amount of attempts per appointment will be the best way to move the needle. Your going to get a healthy % who don't get confirmed simply because contact was not able to be made, not that it wasn't attempted. Hope this helps, thanks for sharing your info. - Casey
Matt Lowery
63% is strong. Both replies above I agree with. The only other thing I would add would be to make sure the customer understands its a VIP experience when they show up. We mention when we make the appointment, and also when we confirm it, that we will have the vehicle of interest pulled up and ready as soon as they show up. It lets them know that we are actually doing something for them at that time so its important that they keep the appointment. We then have the lot guys bring the vehicles up about 30 minutes before the appointment is due so the customer feels special when they show up.
Casey Copeland
Matt, Do you guys make special parking spots for appointments? I have heard of some stores doing this and I love the idea. I think for us it would do a couple of good things: - Exactly what your talking about with making the customers feel special, and we value there time. - We do appointment hand-offs from our BDC's, so these specific parking spots would help people know exactly when appointments arrive, and keep diligent salespeople from UPing the customers before they can meet with BDC rep to be handed off. Just curious if you guys had done this, or know anybody who has?
Matt Lowery
That's exactly what we do. It works great, and really makes the customer feel special. We also do a handoff from our BDC to our sales department. And the car already pulled up helps with that. We have the customer sit at a small round table we have in the showroom, it has fresh flowers, a nice tablecloth, a bowl full of candies, and a reputation book on it (where we have all of our online reviews printed out, both good and bad). The BDC agent comes to the table and talks to the customer, makes them feel relaxed, then walks them to the vehicle where they hand off to the sales consultant explaining they know the vehicle better and will be able to show them all the features and benefits. We have found this works well for us, and we get many customers commenting about how well they were treated. Its all about making them feel important. We don't ask for the appointment for us, we are asking for the appointment so we can make sure we provide the customer the VIP experience they deserve.... at least that is what we want them to think. :P
Casey Copeland
Matt, I love the idea with the "reception area", and the reputation book is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your setup, I might steal some ideas from you. =) Quick question, not to hijack the thread, but do you have a system for handing out your appointments? What I mean is, are there only certain people who are eligible to receive them based on any criteria? If so, what is that criteria if you don't mind sharing? - Casey

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