Interenet Sales Director

Ray Jimenez

What are the benchmark performance goals for an Internet Sales Associate that handles the whole sales transaction?

How many leads should a "cradle to grave" Internet person be able to handle?

Thanks for your thoughts and data on this!

Bart Wilson

Great question Ray.  I think that 70-80 leads per month is a good place to start.  Keep in mind you want to follow up for 120 days, so leads can really pile up.  If you overload a sales associate, they'll just "cherry pick" the good leads and you'll lose sales.

This may change as we redefine an Internet lead.  Is your team handling only first and third-party leads or are they taking phone calls and chats as well?

Derrick Woolfson

I am not always a fan of the "benchmarks" as there are far too many facets to consider; everything from lead source, quality of lead, to the total amount of personnel. If you have 4-5 BDC Agents on your staff then they can handle (and I agree with Bart) 75-80 leads. But as Bart mentions, as soon as the next month rolls around we tend to forget about the previous months leads, which could still be in the market. That said, I have found that the best strategy (for me) was to break down the leads by new vs. used and "lead sources." For example, I knew that the new car leads would often take a longer time to close. Especially if they were third-party new car leads.  So in this case, I would have an "automated" follow-up for those leads after 30 days. The customer would receive an email and a text. We would then call the leads that were engaged with us (i.e. visited the website; responded to an email or text). In doing so, it made managing 120 or so leads more realistic. This is not to offer that we did not miss sales, we are not perfect. But it did help us increase sales. Lastly, instead of leads per agent, I would look at the set rate. The average is low (but should be highest for dealer website leads), so if you are above 35% I would reach for 45%. As at the end of the day, it is about the total internet leads sold. Hope this helps. 

Mark Rask

i hve pay plans if needed

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