Internet BDC's: Do you find more success emailing or calling your new online leads?

John  Swanson

Looking for any and all tips from internet BDC's or those handling online leads! Curious about methods, and any other helpful info you've learned on the job!

Tori Zinger

This is a tricky question. Of course, it's great if you can get them on the phone. When I was in sales and I couldn't get them on the phone, I would follow up with an email, but it would include an introductory video. If a lead was not available on the phone or did not include their phone number in their inquiry, I  found them to be much more responsive to my emails when I included a video of me introducing myself, with a welcoming smile, and letting them know that I was excited about the car they were considering, etc.

John  Swanson

Introductory video...that's a great idea Tori! I appreciate the response.

Dona Holiday

We also do the introductory vidieo , call ,email and text . Texting seems to be working really well 

Tori Zinger

Absolutely, John! Let us know if you end up implementing it!

chip alvey

Ultimately, it is how the consumer wishes to engage with you.  The percentages are fairly standard on how the consumer first responds:


The numbers above are MTD with Internet Leads at 5 of my rooftops. The column listed as "Caddy" is AI.

We do call, email, video, Caddy asks for text opt-in, then continues to follow up. The one simple and inexpensive piece that many are missing is compliant, CRM based texting.  21% of our prospects first response to our outreach is via text.

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