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Jake Smith

What is your step by step process for the first 24 hours a lead has been sent in? How many times are you emailing? How many times are you calling? Are you using video?

Derrick Woolfson

Jake, it depends on the lead and whether or not the customer responds. There was a time when I thought a work-flow was the end all be all. And while there are trends in the way a customer responds, the fact is it varies per customer. That said, the process I follow is first to call the customer (unless otherwise stated in the lead itself), and then email the customer. In some cases text fist, but for the most part, I try to get ahold of the customer first.  In doing so, it has increased the opt-in rate. Regarding video, mostly for pre-owned. And because of how time-consuming it is - with the current setup - I usually only do it if the customer has specific questions on the pre-owned unit. As for how many times we call, usually twice in the first day. Any more than that - the customer can become turned off. 

Chris Dulla

Jake, I would also take it one step further.  Each lead source is different and requires a different response process based on that specific lead source.  In other words, an Edmunds or KBB lead should have a completely different follow up process than say a CarGurus lead.    If you have reporting on your CRM system that shows the lead provider "median time to convert" - you can utilize that metric to adjust your follow up response and frequency. 

Chris K Leslie

If the lead is early in the morning we will call 3x the first day. Spread out of course. We also send the custom email and invite to use text using socket talk in DealerSocket. 

Mark Rask

we follow chriss model

Gavin  Sloan

Great question!   Many of the dealerships we work with report that they will make 2-3 attempts within the first 24 hours.

We developed some software that will convert an online lead in to a warm phone transfer instantly, and in our initial trials we have found that in over 80% of leads the dealership is able to speak to customer in under 60 seconds (which means you're not having to keep trying to call them and running the risk of a competitor getting in first).    We havent released the software officially but I am happy to set up some free pilots for a handful of dealerships that are interested in seeing how this will improve their conversion rates.  Email me: for a free trial.

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