Internet lead follow up...

Jeff White

Just curious as to how aggressive everyones internet lead follow up is. We try to contact everyday for the first 14 days and then every other day through day 21. After day 21 we go every 5th day through day 45. Day 45+ we go to once a week through day 60 and then every 2 weeks through day 180.....seems like a lot of contact to me, but I am not the one who put the follow up schedule together. 


the contact schedule you outlined looks good, the only thing I'd add is that I always recommend 3X's a day (phone) for the first 7-14 days. It is a lot of contact. It's aggressive, but if you don't make contact someone else will 


when effective voicemails are left the call back rate is extremely high and many times this process doesn't last nearly that long. It's very rare that it upsets a consumer, in my personal experience, that is, when it’s positioned properly. 

there is benefit to staggering these calls between morning, mid-day and evening efforts to accommodate a consumer that may be at work or otherwise engaged and unable to accept a call when they initially submit a lead. Phone contact always will equate to a better opportunity to set and have a shown appointment, that is why I put so much emphasis on that structure. Not to take away from videos because those are great! Is it an aggressive contact plan? Absolutely. For those concerned with upsetting customers it can certainly be scaled down, but I generally reccomend that schedule and scaling down when and if needed.

with all that said, there are certainly other schools of thought on the matter. I simply share the experiences that I have seen and process I have implemented that are very effective in more (phone) contacted buyers, more set and shown appointments. 


Ron Henson

I'm a big believer that our preferred method of contact with consumers shoud be whatever method they prefer to engage with us.  With all due respect, one of the items that came to the forefront loud and clear in our consumer research study was that consumers were hesitant to engage with dealers due to the bombardment of calls they would recieve afterward.  One of my pet peeves is when a business asks for my preferred method of contact and then completely ignores it and calls me incessantly.  If that is their process, then they shouldn't ask me how I would prefer to be contacted.  The message to me as a consumer is, "we don't listen or care."

I love, love, love the video idea!  Also, text is an up and comer when it comes to gaining engagement.

Brandon McNett

I think you have to know your customer base.  I always say not to be too email centric, pick up the phone and see if you can catch them.  We're always more effective when we speak to someone...but it is important that we're engaging the customer in whatever format fits them best.  

I'd love to begin sending text messages to our customers, however we need to get the customer to double opt is this handled?  

We're experimenting with video---any suggestions on what is MOST effective here?


most often I see dealers who are email centric. In spite of our attempts to sell exclusively by email and over the web we must first create enough of a CTA over the phone to set an appointment that shows. I’m a firm believer that voicemails have a higher CTA than any email

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