Internet Lead Handling Metrics

Ron Henson

What metrics are you tracking to measure the effectiveness of your lead handling?

Has anyone implemented a certification program for those staff members who are handling the leads?

Ricky Patrick

Contact %, Appt Set %, Shown %, Sold %. I also have my leads divided into a few different buckets since a TrueCar lead is very different than an Autotrader lead. We don't have certification levels but those percentages do determine how the leads are divided.

mark rask

we track everything but hang our hat on appt%, show%sale% and show to appt%

DJ Snyder

I think a certification program would be a great thing. I would suggest using the industry standards as a guideline and forming your own metrics based on the results you want. 


Chris K Leslie

We have a process in place that we will use to spot check internet leads against. We train the follow up process a certain way which is what we look for. Did the people follow the process. 

For effectiveness of the process I look at the numbers everyone has posted above.. 

We don't really have a cert program as the job training is the job it's not a certified position per say. 

Jake Carter

Hey Ron, great question. We get asked this all the time. Here at Phone Ninjas we've created a dashboard that monitors many of the analytics mentioned in this thread (appointment %, show%, sold% etc.). We also have a certification program comprised of a suite of videos and tests for those who handle the leads. 

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