Internet Lead Overload

Jeff White

Looking for some suggestions on how to handle a problem that we have been dealing with since reloading our team during this pandemic. Since we have come back we are receiving about 25+ internet leads a day plus approximately 10+ phone ups. With all the changes that we went through in March we have only called 1 BDC rep and he is completely overwhelmed. Ownership group is not ready to bring back anymore BDC reps yet and I know we are missing tons of opportunities. Have any of you guys implemented some type of hybrid system that involves sales staff working alongside your BDC? The other problem is that we have also been busy enough that the salespeople keep plenty busy also. Looking for any insight or suggestions! Thanks

Marc Lavoie

Hi Jeff, this is a struggle many dealerships are facing right now. You should consider a Virtual BDC as a temporary fix.

This side of the business blew up for us in the last months and I've been working with other dealerships to set up a hybrid model where it can replace or support the efforts by the sales/BDC teams. Here's some information if you'd like.

Chris K Leslie

I would say bring in sales after day 3 or something. If your 1 BDC agent can't get a hold of a customer within the first couple of days pass it on. 

Morgan Hardy

I would designate select salespeople to assist the BDC agent. Maybe tenured reps that can handle the additional work? Salespeople are not one to work through a workflow if there is one in place so the BDC will have to catch up on that later, or have help from the other BDC agents once they are back. 

Derrick Woolfson

I agree with Morgan & Chris - and if you get bogged down with also answering leads it makes it that much harder for you to continue on with your job. There are only so many hours in the day.

Chris K Leslie

We've been doing that at one of our stores and its been working fine. Sales gets in the mix a little earlier than normal and BDC gets to offload some busy work. 

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