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Eric Leys


Just re-signed up here, but have attended DrivingSales twice and hoping for some peer advice here.

We are currently having a centralized BDC work incoming Internet leads and they arrive to the dealership as either a TO (prospect asked a question the BDC rep couldn't answer) or a Sales Appointment.  The TOs or Appointments are then distributed round robin to the sales team.

We would like to implement some sort of qualification program for Sales Advisors based on past results that has those with better internet lead closing ability getting more leads or being "primary" when a TO or Appointment comes over.  Of course, we want to implement a system where the lower performers have clear metrics and a path to work their way into better performance and earning the ability to receive these leads.

Does anyone have anything similar in place that is working well?  Any tips to kick this off and implement it properly?

Thank you!

We are a mid-sized BMW store in Portland, OR.

Jason Volny

@ Eric Thank you for your support of DrivingSales over the years. I think I have what you are looking for, however, it may be too long for this post. Also, I need to hear more about what you are looking for. We need to schedule a quick meeting. Email or call me when you have a sec and we'll set it up. jason.volny@drivingsales.com 801.403.8092

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