Internet Lead Response Templates

Jeff White

Does anyone have some email response templates for leads that they would care to share. We are a small independent and just implemented a new CRM that has terrible email templates! Thanks in advance.

Derrick Woolfson

What is your email? I can send you over some of the ones we have had success with. 


Jeff White

Thanks Derrick! If you could send them to that would be great. Thanks again.

Peter Jenkins

Can I get a copy too?

Martins Ville

Jeff, you should try something different.

Jeff, the Blue 2015 Acadia with 34,98 miles for $23,987 you found on Cargurus is on the lot right now and still available. We can chat live - no forms to fill out, just honest answers you need, click here to connect with me right now, no strings attached! Cheers, Tony D. Amway Motors (live connect link) (sms/cell phone#)

I use a simple script that includes a link to chat with us instantly - no forms to fill out, and usually send that via text too, with a CTA with test drive times available today. You should consider getting or for communication, for your site, for emails, for vdps and everything - easy peasy. Click to chat with me live & instantly, no forms to fill out, promise. :)

We can't expect different results doing the same thing over and over.

Bart Wilson

I like this email idea.  You can't build an entire process around it, but having an email that addresses one thing people hate (filling out forms) is a good way to disarm.

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