Internet Manager Training

Brant Graves
I'm looking to improve myself as an Internet Director and my department. I'm looking for a great training source to be in depth. What do you recommend?
John Sevier
DrivingSales University is a good place to start off if you need some direction. If you are just looking to improve more so than learn the basics I highly recommend immersing yourself into the DrivingSales community (Forums, Blogs). I can't tell you how much I have learned just from reading through the Blogs and Forum. Don't be afraid to ask questions and speak out if you are contemplating a big decision and want some input on purchasing leads, a new CRM, etc. DealerRefresh is also a really good source for information outside of DrivingSales.
Lauren Moses
Brant, First off. Welcome and at least you are looking to better yourself. I agree with John that the DS University is a great place to start. I haven't done their training yet but would love to in the near future. Also, If you are a GM dealer then you should have access to the GM Center of Learning that offers Internet Manager training courses. You have to complete them every quarter and some extra courses are available and most are free. If your not then Again with John, Ask any questions you might have. Read and give input. I've learned so much already from the forums and never really have to worry about looking stupid or being put down for how little I may know about something. There is always someone willing to help. Also look on facebook for groups that might be of benefit.
Kemick Larson
I would have to agree with both of them! When I was an Internet Director, I would train ever single day, make sure I have the right people doing the job, and also go out of your way to keep them motivated. Regular "spiffs" and "bonuses" are considered to be expected at most places these days! I used to run competitions between the sales people in the department. The only difference between a director and a Guide is leadership to a certain point. I am not sure what you are in charge of at your dealership but there has been something that I always have lived by: "Make it hard to spot the general by working like a soldier" Also, if you are looking to sharpen the blade, jump on Youtube and just type in DealerON... there is a LOT of good training there to help you out, along with check out Phone Ninjas and David Kain... Internet Sales anything alwasy need to have a triple edged sword available (Information Specialist/Trusted Advisor/Closer) If you are passionate about getting better and making your team better, you will be better. Get fired up! You have the best job in the dealership!
Robert Karbaum
If you can swing it, I would start by attending DSES this weekend. Second, I would suggest getting involved with a NADA/DrivingSales Internet 20 Group.
Shaun Weissman
A few of the conferences work really well.. DSES, ISG and any Jim Ziegler event. You can also work with a consultant.. I would recommend UDC as they have been tremendous for me.

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