Internet Pay Plans

Peter Stratton
I took over a BDC Department where the women working for me are making darn near 6 figures. Yes I said 6 figures. I have several pay plans which I may implement however I want to throw this question out there... What are some of your pay plans that you currently have for your BDC department?
Lauren Moses
Peter, I don't have a pay plan for a BDC department. But, how are their salaries configured now? Do they get a base plus bonuses for goals reached etc.?
Michael Crain
There paid the same as the floor sales.
Evan Brown
$20 per shown inbound apt $50 per shown outbound apt.
Randy Smith
Wow... lots of profit to go around! Jags and Land Rovers. :)
Peter Stratton
Evan that can't be the only way they are paid. Are they paid for sold cars? Hourly rate? Perfect surveys? Tier level bonuses?

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