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Wes Keene

Hey guys,

We are having a huge issue with responses from our internet leads. We do have a lot of 3rd party leads, however we think the issue could be that alot of our emails sent directly from our CRM are going to spam. We use dealersocket for our CRM and email leads in 30 minutes or less from when they come in. Any suggestions on responses? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks for the help

Maddy Low

This is an awesome discussion, be sure to fill out a Vendor Rating as well so people can benefit from your experience!

Chris K Leslie

try changing up your email subject lines to start. There are a lot of words and special characters that should not be used. For a better list check this post out.. 

I would start there before changing a bunch of other stuff. Let us know how it works out. 


Cyrus Glennon

Agree with Chris.... Subject lines are key. 

Did the decline happen all the sudden or has it been a steady? 

Mark Rask

Subject lines will help.....also there is a recent study that cdk did on what words are best and worst to use.

Wes Keene

Thanks for the responses. We use pretty general subject lines, dealership name mostly. We definitely try to avoid things like "Great Deal." Not sure if the issue is spam or just the quality of our leads

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