internet response tool

N. Nicole Martin

Anyone using any frist response tools such as AVA, Better Car people, Response logix or Uperator?


Rikki Tachman


Lauren Moses

Me, Myself, and I.  Sorry but I have to agree Humans are always best if you can.  If not, then I'm sure you will find plenty of people here who can give you some great answers

Chris K Leslie

I use better car people for non business hours stuff but thats about it. Now that I think about it. Not really sure why we have them at all to be honest. 

Mark Rask

we use uperrater at our gm store......mainly for after is always beating us up about response times


Jason Stum

A couple of years ago the automotive group I was at used Ava for a brief period of time. It sounded good on paper, however we quickly realized what have mentioned here: People and process wins every time.

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