Internet sales compensation

Joseph Grimaldi
Hi Kelly, We used to have our BDC handle all incoming internet inquires and incoming sales calls. They would follow up and make appts. We did compensate for the appt($15) and if the vehicle was sold they were given a percentage of the gross (4%). BDC employees also had a $200/week salary. We recently changed that and now our BDC people help the customer from inquiry to delivery of the vehicle, including myself. I am tracking this and having the BDC do this from start to finish is a bit challenging and the numbers of sales has dropped. I am trying to convince upper Mgt to modify the way it used to be. My plate is full right now but when I have some figures I can follow up with you.
Larry Schlagheck
Great information Joseph! On behalf of the entire DrivingSales team thank you for your continued contributions.
Ken Potter
The best selling dealers I know run an approach similar to what you are doing Joseph. I know several dealers who actually use this a reason to buy from them when talking to customers about the process. Good luck with the changes!
Big Tom LaPointe
BDC at a store I have worked with was set up on about $10/hr - $10 per appointment show - additional $30 for sale. worked exceptionally well when it was on-site for one point. when they centralized it for the dealer group, it was less smooth, because there was delay communicating with the sales mgt about availability, etc. now the store brought it into the sales team, and I don't see the effort to get people in the door as much. bdc got paid on appointments, so they didn't 'pre-qualify' over the phone. i'd rather see them come in because you never know what can happen. for me though, success or failure of any bdc structure is predicated on training. train, train, and train some more.
Frank Vargas
I pay my BDC staff a hourly rate. They also get a bonus of $10 for each shown appointment and an additional $30 sold. I also offer weekend spiffs to keep them motivated.
Kelly Spencer
Thanks to everyone who responded we are working to see what fits best with our organization. We have had one person handling internet leads in house as well as trying to "drum" up business through things like craigslist. I like the hourly wage as well as spiffs on sold and shown appointments, although I am struggling with making the money enough of an incentive without compensating too much because she is not closing the deal.

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