Internet Sales percentage of total sales

Paul Kingman
What would be the rule of thumb for internet sales? What percentage of total sales on average should they be?
mark rask
40pct for us
Brandon McNett
Those are some pretty fantastic BDC Penetrations with regards to overall sales for the dealership. I have a couple of other questions maybe you gentlemen could help with: What % of Internet leads Set an Appointment? What % of Appointments Show? What % of Total Internet Leads Sell? Same questions for Phone Ups. Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
Joel G.
In my experience, the 60 rule has been as close to accurate as I've seen. Of all email leads, you will be able to engage 60% of them. Of those, you will be able to set appointments with 60%. Then, 60% of those appointments will show, and 60% of those the show will actually sell. Again, this is a guide, different parts may be higher or lower in your store but I've found it to be very accurate when comparing general performace. The 60% engagement mitigates the quality of lead argument often seen in measuring appointment conversions. So basically it goes like this: 100 email leads 60 contact/engage 36 set appointment 22 appointments show 12 sell In my store, BDC averages between 45% and 55% overall penatration of sales. Hope that helps.
Clint Jones
In my opinion, this is somewhat a loaded question. To say that a website generates "x"% of your dealership traffic is a pretty difficult thing to quantify UNLESS there is some type of verifiable Call To Action that is executed by the customer. Many customers will no longer complete a Call To Action. They will simply just go to the store. In my case, about 90% of our total dealership traffic has been on our website. I get very few "leads" or Call To Action submissions.
Joel G.
To clarify, the numbers I offered are for ALL Internet Leads, not just my own website. I don't pay for many leads (as a rule, I don't believe in 3rd party lead generators; another topic), so my metrics are using OEM, my website and one major 3rd party site. My own site generates the most leads of all my providers, and they close at a better rate than all others.

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