internet team hours

Victoria Dillabough

Do you guys have open to close Internet Team hours or are you morning based - how does it work for you? 

Antonio Avelar

At our dealership the Internet Department opened an hour later than the floor and also closed an hour before the floor did. 
It would be nice to be morning based, is that how it is at your dealer?

Michelle Denogean

Interesting question. Here is a little bit of data: What we see on our platform is that 25-30% of customers who start the transaction process online are doing so after hours. The good news is that technology can help by giving customers more of the information they need to move forward on their own, but what we also see is people at the dealership responding and interacting with customers after hours too.

Derrick Woolfson

Ours is 8-5 M-F. More than 95% of the call/lead volume (after two years of analyzing it) come in during business hours. That is not to say that customers are not online shopping at 8-9PM; however, those hours are the least traffic heavy. The other thing we noticed, too is that the customer is far more likely to respond via call/text during business hours vs. 6 PM - After. In addition, to the fact that our results showed that if the lead came in after 6PM the chances of setting the same day appointment for that customer was under 12%. 

Amanda Hanson

ours is day as well! but we do get tons of leads on weekends

Amanda Hanson

@antonio, how many people work in your internet dept? you’re saying they’re open an hour later than the dealership?

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