internet team hours

Victoria Dillabough

Do you guys have open to close Internet Team hours or are you morning based - how does it work for you? 

Derrick Woolfson

Yes, and this is - to Michelle's point - not "visits to the site," but actual phone calls/leads. I would be happy to share the report :) As I firmly believe it is important to review the time of day your leads come in (phone calls/website leads) to make sure your staffing is on par. We do also have one person who answers the leads after hours, and rotate them - they can, however, answer the leads from home. 

Martins Ville

99.9% of people read their text messages. A follow-up call or 10 certainly enforces that you are trying to reach them. Most dealers are not following up with their internet leads. 

It is incumbent upon us to ensure our success.

Many people start their day at about 8:00 a.m. and end their day about 8:00 p.m.. a properly staffed internet department should be available during those time periods. 

I'm just really surprised people really think email is actually an effective way to get a reaction from a customer.

Phone and text are Kings.

Mark Rask

open to close 

Martins Ville

I think a great way to bridge the gap between our absence and attending to the customers needs is to deploy a bot on your website. Companies like Drift & Intercom got this technology down pat. I think drift could be the secret ingredient for more than half of today's car dealerships, yet most people don't know who they are nor that they exist. 

If you look under every twig and leaf in the forest you're bound to find some gold.

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