Inventory vs. traffic

James Klaus
Hello there Chris, Do you do vin specific sem? how strong is seo? What are you doing to try and drive traffic to your site and how. Inventory will help drive traffic but it takes all the pieces of the puzzle to have the real picture.
Christopher Murray
Well the relation, or ratio, I am trying to develop is relative to any and all factors. If, for example, my dealership is state-of-the-art operation with all the industries "best practices" and my inventory level is typically 200 units and I have "X" amount of hits to my site and then, for whatever reason I am only carrying 125 for some reason there should be a corresponding drop in the number of hits to my web site and that is the ratio I am trying to develop.
Shannon Hammons
Not neccesarialy Chris. If your SEO or other online advertising is up to par the number of vehicles won't determine hits. It may affect how much you show up in SRP's on or autotrader, but shouldn't effect website hits.
Christopher Murray
I think if you apply math to what your statement is there MUST be a relationship otherwise a dealership with one car for sale on-line will generate the same number of hits as on with 500 for sale? That defies logic.
Chip Dorman
Chris, you're looking for a meaningless metric. There are too many variables that go into determining how many VDP views a car gets. For example, if you have two cars that are identical in your inventory, but there is an actual photo of one and a stock photo for the other, than for every 100 people that visit your SERP listing those cars 70 will click the one with the picture. And that doesn't take into account the demand for one vehicle vs. another.
Christopher Murray
Simple ratios are not meaningless. In fact you seem incapable of understanding the pure simple logic of the top and the bottom of a funnel. In this case the Top of the funnel is the number of units in stock and the Bottom of the funnel is the number of "hits" you receive to your site. To take it to the extreme; if you had ZERO vehicles in stock and I had 100 which of us is more likely to get more hits? Looking at all the variables are the excuses when you consider "all things being equal". I did receive an answer from Auto Trader in that the dealerships with larger inventories do have more web traffic than the stores with smaller inventories when all things are equal. I was surprised a vendor had to answer the question. Thank you all for your input.

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