Is Changing Website Hosts Beneficial?

Jake Martin

Hello all! Just before I was going to sign a contract with, DealerCarSearch reached out to me and threw a wrench into the situation by claiming that if improving SEO was the motive for the host change (which it is) then changing hosts could be the worst decision we could make. I did some digging on this driving sales site and it appears that dealercarsearch is a leader in websites but they have less reviews and the reviews are mostly from owners?? If you have dealt with either of these companies and have knowledge about SEO, PLEASE HELP!

Chris K Leslie

Changing hosts can help with overall speed of your site which can help SEO. 

Derrick Woolfson

Have you considered 

Chris Comisky
  1. Speaking from experience with I don't know if your current host is better or worse than as far as SEO offering, site architecture, etc, but will certainly NOT do a good job of helping you keep what SEO you have now in the transition process. That's probably what DealerCarSearch was referring to. When you switch hosts without planning redirects you can lose a lot of what you've built over the years. From my experience you will be responsible for this when you switch to
Jake Martin

Derrick: I haven't considered

Chris: I spoke with a SEO specialist this morning and he explained we would be putting the necessary redirects in place.

Chris Comisky

Maybe that's new, we moved a couple of sites back from Dealer Inspire last year under pressure from OEMs and they did not provide the service. I did it myself, which worked out fine. Is it included or paid service? Watch their SEO offering. They charge for many services included on other platforms. Also know that they are having "hardware" issues right now. We lost our sites (4) last friday for the entire day as did the rest of their sites across the company. And then again on Wednesday they were off and on all day. I am currently looking at Dealer On and Dealer Inspire again.

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