Is it Really An Appointment?

Derrick Woolfson

I was having a great conversation about BDC and appointments. And we stumbled upon this scenario: 

If a customer calls into your dealership (answered by the BDC) and says "is X unit still available," to which the BDC says yes. And the customer says I want to come in - do you still pay the BDC rep for that customer? 

How do you handle this? 

I will offer that this is becoming more and more of a common trend for pre-owned vehicles. 

Chris K Leslie

You don’t want to split hairs when it comes to inbound calls. Sometimes those phone calls are easy, sometimes they are hard. Either way, your reps are getting the customer the information they are seeking. 

Amanda Gordon

An inbound call is an inbound call, and if your reps are setting the apt that my friend is exactly what the BDC is designed for. The sales team still has to produce the sale.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris & Amanda - that was my line of thought, but the other party thought differently. Where I think if you do split hairs on this it could demoralize the team. To where they do not handle the inbound call with the same level of customer service. And they still have to let the manager know, get the system updated, and make sure the unit is ready to go. 

Agreed with Chris and Amanda... good way to make reps resentful when you start getting that picky.

Chris K Leslie

Derrick, just tell your people to lie then because thats litterally what is going to happen. 

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