Is Round Robin The Best Way To Assign leads?

Vidushi Jain

Round robin might be the fairest way to assign lead but does it help dealerships maximize sales & profits? Comparing two of the key lead assignment modes that Braango offers.

Would to hear what you would prefer at your dealership. Please comment with your preferred mode and why.

What Are Round Robin And Lead Grabber Modes?

In Round Robin mode, all sales reps are assigned leads in a rotational order. It is like distributing cookie to kids in a line, one at a time, and when the line is over you again start from the front.  On the other hand, in Lead Grabber mode, a lead is broadcasted to all sales rep and the one who grabs/responds to the lead first gets it. One can relate it with Jeopardy! Buzzer, you get to answer if you press the buzzer first.


Chris Murray

Rotations are a socialist ideal in a capitalistic business model! In reality only the best of the best not the first of the first should receive ANY leads. Its typically the lack of management understanding or, worse yet, lazy managers that allow for equal rotations, open floor, first in gets the lead etc... 

I would recommend the best of the best get all the leads.

Vidushi Jain

Totally agree with you Chris! Leads should be given to reps who are pro-active in responding and engaging with leads. That is how a dealership can ensure higher conversion rates and thus profits. 

Chris Murray

That’s not quite what I said. Leads given to the most successful at conversion. Nothing else Matt but results (sales) engagement etc...are esoteric at best.

Vidushi Jain

Thanks for clarifying Chris. In my view, round robin does not create any motivation to respond quickly and leads are lost that way. By assigning lead to sales rep who is available and can respond fast, chances of conversion increase exponentially 

Derrick Woolfson

I am not a fan of the good ole round robin system. One of the biggest reasons I am against is the issues it comes with! Everything from credit apps, coupon leads, or duplicates that did not auto merge (as most CRM's require 2-3 points of data to merge automatically), and most people do not cross-check. And if you then reassign the lead to the right person, then s/he gets kicked out of the rotation. It was a true disaster. That said, now that we have the BDC all leads come through us, and I do not round-robin them within the BDC. If a lead comes in I give it to whoever is available. And we all call the same leads. Not everyone is a fan of this style, BUT it has yielded incredible results.  

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