Is Round Robin The Best Way To Assign leads?

Vidushi Jain

Round robin might be the fairest way to assign lead but does it help dealerships maximize sales & profits? Comparing two of the key lead assignment modes that Braango offers.

Would to hear what you would prefer at your dealership. Please comment with your preferred mode and why.

What Are Round Robin And Lead Grabber Modes?

In Round Robin mode, all sales reps are assigned leads in a rotational order. It is like distributing cookie to kids in a line, one at a time, and when the line is over you again start from the front.  On the other hand, in Lead Grabber mode, a lead is broadcasted to all sales rep and the one who grabs/responds to the lead first gets it. One can relate it with Jeopardy! Buzzer, you get to answer if you press the buzzer first.


Amanda Gordon

Im standing with Chris, who ever has the highest closing ratio, puts in the work, and stays at the top of the board should get the leads (or in my day spoons). Are we looking to sell cars or pat egos?

Matt Lamberth

We currently use a round robin system and I feel that we are losing deals because of it. I believe we would be more successful if we assigned them with more intent. However, we may never realize the abilities of a new/unknown sales rep if we never assigned leads to such an unknown commodity. 

Unfortunately, I think this issue results in a catch-22 in most cases/dealerships.  I anticipate that the industry and I will continue wrestling with developing a good bright-line rule for this issue for as long as we use commission based sales in the current dealership model.


I have really enjoyed reading everyone's input!

Chris Murray

A lead should never be distributed to an untrained person. "fake" leads should be generated to test the "newbie" after they have been trained to assess their level of competence and then begin to slowly feed them real leads, with an occasional test, before making them a full participant.

Perry Martin

Sorry I am Old School. Veteran Sales people don't need leads. They have a referral and follow up base. They will create their own leads. The leads should be given to the New Sales people  to help give them confidence and help motivate them. Because they are ones that need help getting started in the business. That is why there is so much turn over in car sales. Mangers need to help the New Salesman to be Successful. The old dogs don't need the leads.

Chris Murray
  1. Sorry Perry but it is not possible to be more wrong.

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